Freaking the F Out


June 17, 2019


Namaste to you, our yogi pod-friends.  This week we are talking about Yoga with Dr Kirstie Fleetwood-Meade.  Counselling psychologist and (handily) yoga teacher.  We talk about what yoga really is, its connection to mental health and feeling like you're doing it wrong.  Also - farting, feeling a bit 'wanky' and worrying that you're completely incompetent when everyone else in the class stands on their head.  Kirstie also talks us through a few moves that you can try at home! 


Dr Kirstie Fleetwood-Meade: neverseenherbivore

Twitter: @ftfopod

Instagram: @ftfopod

Facebook: Freaking the F Out

Artwork by Chris Hastings-Spital (@chrismhs)

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