Freaking the F Out

Trolling with The Circle’s Alex Hobern

March 29, 2021

The internet is a pretty wonderful thing, but with approximately 3.7 billion people having access to times it's going to get...a bit nasty.  This week we are talking about 'trolling' and we are joined by the winner of 'The Circle' Series 1: Alex Hobern.  More specifically, we talk about:

- What it is

- Our personal experiences of it

- Who gets trolled and why people troll

- The concept of anonymity...and some celebrity trolls

- What it can do to your mental health, what social media is doing about it and what you can do about it too


Twitter: @ftfopod

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Facebook: Freaking the F Out

Alex Hobern: @alexhobern 

Artwork by Chris Hastings-Spital: @chrismhs

Music produced by Tom Dickinson: @tomldickinson

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