Freaking the F Out

Travel with Holly Rubenstein

April 26, 2021

Travel - in AND out of covid is our topic for today.  For obvious reasons, the travel industry has been hugely impacted by the lockdown restrictions around the world.  Joining us this week is the entertainment and travel journalist Holly Rubenstein who hosts the UK's #1 travel podcast The Travel Diaries (which we would highly recommend for some healthy wanderlust).  In the episode we allow ourselves to dream a little about the travels we have loved and where we can't wait to go back to, as well as digging into what the restrictions on travel have been and what they're likely to be going forwards. We also ponder what our future travel anxieties might be and whether our behaviours around going on holiday and travelling for business may have changed for good...

Freaking the F Out is a podcast where Kelsey Bennett and Maddy Scott examine the inner workings of their anxious minds.  Covering everything from the minute to the very big and life changing, they’re not mental health professionals but they do happen to have some experience in the field.


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