Freaking the F Out

Self Promotion with Stefanie Sword Williams

February 15, 2021

Oh gosh, this old thing? No, it's just our new podcast episode.  Embarrassing really... If this is how you sound when trying to talk about your successes and achievements then this is the episode for you! Our guest is Stefanie Sword-Williams, founder of F*ck Being Humble and she manages to convince us that Self-Promotion is not a dirty word and that it's very possible to sound confidence without coming across as arrogant.  It's actually pretty great...


Twitter: @ftfopod

Instagram: @ftfopod

Facebook: Freaking the F Out

Stef Sword-Williams: @stefaniesw

F*ck Being Humble: @fbeinghumbleldn

Artwork by Chris Hastings-Spital (@chrismhs)

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