Freaking the F Out

Redundancy (with Hanna Andersen, founder of As We Are)

March 17, 2021

It's a big topic this week and a pretty timely one, with current redundancy rates in the UK shooting up past the rates from the last financial crisis and predicted to keep on rising in 2021.  Both of us pod-wives have experience of being made redundant, so we are talking about all the emotions we felt going through it.  Later we are joined by Hanna Andersen founder of As We Are in our brand new ASK THE EXPERT section.  She answers all of your questions and gives us heaps of resources to take a look at if you're being made redundant yourself.  

TW: We do speak briefly about Sarah Everard and the topic of women's safety at the start of the episode because the news has affected all of us so deeply these last few weeks. 



Jobcentre Plus Rapid Response Centre: 

As We Are: 

LinkedIn - Open To Work settings: 

Amazing If - Redundancy Reset: 

The Career Psychologist - interview tips: 


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