Freaking the F Out

Live Recording - Imposter Syndrome with People Soup Podcast

April 29, 2019

This week's episode is a little different.  It's a mashup with the podcast People Soup, which was recorded as a live fringe event at the recent Brighton Podcast Festival.  Unfortunately Kelsey couldn't leave the M25 area so missed this episode, but Maddy spoke to Ross McIntosh - an organisational psychologist and coach - about Imposter Syndrome.  What is it? What's the origin of the term? What are our own experiences of feeling it? And, perhaps most importantly, what can we do about it? Ross is a 'global expert' in using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in the workplace (although as he explains in this episode, that introduction makes him feel very uncomfortable) but he talked the audience through some exercises that can help you notice your imposter syndrome when it pops up.  


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