Freaking the F Out

Drugs with Dr Suzi Gage

June 24, 2019


It's a bit of a hot potato of a subject this week.  We are talking about drugs with the beyond lovely Dr Suzi Gage, psychologist, epidemiologist and host of the phenomenally successful 'Say Why To Drugs' podcast.  In this episode we talk about what drugs really are, what we knew about them growing up and what we worry about now.  From taking them and thinking you might die, to not taking them and feeling like you're missing out - there is a lot of anxiety around the subject so there's lots to talk about.  We also discuss Suzi's research into the complicated relationship between drug use and mental's all really very interesting!


Dr Suzi Gage: @soozaphone

Twitter: @ftfopod

Instagram: @ftfopod

Facebook: Freaking the F Out

Artwork by Chris Hastings-Spital (@chrismhs)

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